What Your Favorite 1960s Women Look Like Now.


Catherine Deneuve

Known for her talent as an actress, singer, model, and producer, Catherine Deneuve has kept herself busy throughout a career spanning almost 50 years! The French actress has long been a familiar face in French cinema, and she’s been nominated for a total of 14 Cesar awards over the course of her career. She’s won the prestigious French award twice, for the films The Last Metro and Indochine. Catherine is an international film star as well, and some of her English films include Hustle, Dancer in the Dark, and The Musketeer. She is still acting today, and most recently appeared in the 2015 films The Brand New Testament and Standing Tall. In her free time, the actress supports a number of charities and is well-known for being outspoken about her liberal political beliefs.


Jeanne Moreau

An award winning actress from France, Jeanne Moreau made her debut as an actress in 1947. She originally performed on stage, establishing herself as a leading lady in the world of acting. She transitioned to films in 1949, starting small before achieving prominence with roles in films like Elevator to the Gallows. Though she was most well known in the 60’s, Jeanne remained an actress for much of her life.


Julie Andrews

As the daughter of two vaudeville performers, Dame Julia “Julie” Elizabeth Andrews began receiving singing lessons at a young age. Her parents wanted to cultivate her four-octave singing range, and it’s a good thing they did! Julie was a performing singer all throughout her childhood and teen years, so it was easy for her to launch her career as a stage actress at the age of 20. Her career included several iconic roles, most notable the starring role in The Sound of Music and her portrayal of the singing nanny Mary Poppins in the film of the same name. The actress won an incredible number of awards throughout her career, including an Academy Award, a BAFTA, five Golden Globes, three Grammys, and two Emmys! In recent years, Julie has taken a break from acting to focus on other career goals like writing children’s books and directing films.