The New Careers of These Actors Will Ruin Your Childhood


Arthur Reggie III – Rapper

My Brother & Me might be most remembered on Nickelodeon for its flagrant use of laugh track on lines that could only charitably be referred to as “jokes.” But it shocked us to find out that Alfie, the straight-laced lead, is now a Los Angeles-based rapper named ShowBizness! And for some unexplained reason, he has not recorded a cover version of “Goo Punch.” You could be printing money, Alfie…
Danny Tamberelli – GTA V

You surely recall Little Pete from The Adventures of Pete & Pete. That scamp sure did annoy his parents by refusing to go to bed at bedtime! Well, you may also recognize his trademark raspy voice in GTA V, where he played Jimmy De Santa, an overweight, pot-smoking Internet troll who runs in with the wrong crowd. Little Pete’s shenanigans don’t seem so innocent anymore.

Jason David Frank – MMA fighter

The Power Rangers, while fighters, were ultimately harmless. There might be an exception, though, for the Green Ranger, Jason David Frank. He’s now an MMA fighter, and won his debut match in under a minute through a terrifying move called the “rear naked choke submission.” Dude, the power rangers are supposed to weakly karate chop, not choke people until they pass out!