Do You Remember Jelly Belly..? Are a Fan of These Tasty Gourmet Beans.


That’s only the traditional Jelly Belly flavors. Over the years, the company has produced many spin-off products as well, including the more intense Jelly Belly Sours, Sports Beans (which are laced with electrolytes and vitamins) and Extreme Sport Beans, which include a small dose of caffeine, for when you need a little extra pick-me-up. During the manufacturing process, when some of the beans don’t quite live up to the high Jelly Belly appearance standards, they are repackaged and sold under the affectionately titled, Belly Flops.

Jelly Belly candies are manufactured at two factories in the US, one in Chicago and the other in Northern California. The latter features an extremely popular and elaborate free tour of the factory, where fans can watch the entire manufacturing process, get a few free samples, and then, of course, purchase their favorite individual flavors by the bucket load.

The officially touted “original gourmet jelly beans” have a few boast-worthy claims. The candy was a regular snack of former President Ronald Reagan, who kept a jar of red, white and blue varieties on his Oval Office desk. They were also the first jelly bean to visit outer space, having been a snack aboard the 1983 Space Shuttle Challenger mission. But while these are certainly impressive achievements in the jelly bean world, the sole reason Jelly Belly beans remain the best-selling candy of their kind is simply the accuracy of the flavors, which always leave people smiling and coming back for more.