9 Childhood Memories That Are The Best Of The Bunch


7. Home Perms

It was quite common to walk into the kitchen to find mom’s friend transforming her straight hair into a curly (or frizzy) mop.  It took hours to do a perm and, if you didn’t like it, tough luck!  You had to wait until it grew out! You had to be careful not to brush your hair or it would end up like a frizz ball!

8. Dad’s Car

No fiberglass and aluminum, the cars were heavy with a strip of wood above the trunk. I don’t even remember wearing a seat belt as they weren’t compulsory back then. As there weren’t nearly as many cars on the road, road rage was a thing of the future!

9. Three Degrees

I’ve selected this image as these three beauties were my mom’s favorite.  I believe Prince Charles also had a soft spot for them and invited them to Buckingham Palace. I was very young when “When Will I See You Again” was released and vividly remember seeing them on TV wearing amazing glitzy evening dresses and having perfect figures!