12 Sturdy Facts About ‘Home Improvement’


6. These two disagreed.

At one point, Tim Allen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas didn’t get along after Jonathan left before the last season to pursue his studies because during that time, he also made movie and TV appearances which didn’t sit well with Tim at all. However, he got over it and has since had Jonathan appear several times on his new show, ‘Last Man Standing’.

7. This guy was supposed to be Al.

Actor, Stephen Tobolowsky was originally slated to play Tim Taylor’s sidekick in ‘Tool Time’. However, Stephen couldn’t fit it into his schedule at the time because he was filming a movie.

8. ‘Toy Story’ and Binford.

There was even a nod towards this show when we see this toolbox with ‘Binford Tools’ on it which was the name of the tool company that sponsored the show ‘Tool Time’.

9. Video Game.

Super Nintendo even had a game that you may remember called ‘Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit’. Or, maybe not!

10. The mysterious Wilson.

After the taping of each episode, Earl Hindman would continue to cover his face during each curtain call with a mini picket fence so that the audience would never see his face.

11. Called it quits.

Even though ABC wanted the show to continue for a ninth season, both Tim and Patricia turned down the generous offer because she didn’t want to do it for the money and he wouldn’t do the show without her.