10 Weird But Very Real Things From Our Childhood


9. Charm Necklace

A tacky, plastic necklace which had anything and everything attached to it.  There was even a matching bracelet if you were so inclined.  The charms included mini crayons (?), a whistle, a tiny comb, a plastic frog of course – and many other bizarre items, each one more useless than the last but looking strangely fashionable around the neck.

10. Bold Baggy Sweaters

These were from the Sears Christmas Catalogue in 1986.  Bold and bright, we thought we looked so cool in them, even though they were totally unflattering.  We usually wore them with stirrup, stretchy pants, again another weird fashion.  These tops were often made in a very thin material and, for wearing them for a couple of hours, they looked like we had slept in them.