10 Things All 17 Year Old Girls Would Have Found In Their Bedrooms In The 80s


7. Miners makeup.

Miners makeup was the best, it was cheap and there were so many colour choices to chose from.

8. Blue mascara.

I’m not sure what we were thinking with this one either. Looking back at some of the makeup choices I went for makes me cringe. Pink lips and blue eyeshadow is a BIG no no, why did we ever think this was a good look?

9. Jelly bags.

They were handy to carry big things in but you were screwed if you put your keys in your jelly bag, they’d fall straight through. They were cute though and you could decorate your jelly bag with keyrings like the one on the picture. What colour was yours?

10. Beaded purses.

You could buy these purses in most high street shops at one point which meant EVERYONE had one. You’d go out with your friends and they’d all have the same purse.