10 Amazing Things That Prove Our Childhood Was The Best Time Ever


9. Lite Brite

Who would have thought a light box with small, colored pegs would turn out to be such a hit!  The pegs fitted into a panel and illuminated to create a picture.  Hasbro also offered refills and new colors, apart from the usual green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, white, blue and red.  You could also get refill templates with characters such as My Little Pony (my personal favorite), as well as Scooby-Doo and Mickey Mouse.

10. Franken Benny Cereal

I was never a fan of breakfast, when I was young as I preferred to stay in bed until the last possible moment and then take around 4 minutes to put on my school uniform, grab my stuff and run out of the door, toast in hand.  My daily habits changed drastically when these character cereals made a welcome appearance.  Fruity, chocolatey and very sugary, a bowl full of these, especially Franken Berry, with the little pieces of marshmallow, made mornings almost bearable.  I was eve known to have another bowl of cereal on my return from school, to fill the gap before dinner.