10 Amazing Things That Prove Our Childhood Was The Best Time Ever


5. Luden’s Cough Drops

Mom had some weird remedies in her medicine box, kept at the top of her kitchen cupboard, various potions and cough syrups, which gathered dust over the years.  One item which didn’t let the dust settle was Luden’s Cough Drops.  As soon as my sisters and I complained of a sore throat, or even just felt unwell, we were forced to pop these, like sweets, for a swift recovery.  I don’t know if they actually worked but they are tasted good!   Mom would tell me not to bite the cough drops but I couldn’t resist.

6. Pom Pom Socks

Were tube socks not your thing – well, it didn’t matter as pom pom socks were sure to fit your fashion requirements.  The sock only just covered the feet and ended below the ankle, displaying a tiny pom pom in a color of your choice.  If I remember correctly, the socks were sold in packs of three, with different pom poms on each pair.  This ensured the pom pom would match every outfit and there was no excuse for a wardrobe malfunction!  The only time I can recall when  this footwear proved unsuitable was when I wore my roller skates, when the pom pom would be lost in sight.

7. Paper Fortune Teller

Everyone remembers these from school.  We would carefully fold a sheet of paper int the required shape and then write colors or numbers on the top and various phrases inside the hidden folds.  We were always playing this in class, under the desk, to pass away the boredom of a Maths lesson.  My dad said this little piece of origami was also used to catch flies!

8. Bonanza

My dad never missed an episode.  We saw the Cartwright family in one of the longest running Westerns to be shown on US television.  As soon as the opening theme tune sounded (I can still remember it  now and I was really young when it was on) we had to stop chattering or leave the room as my father settled down in ‘his’ armchair, to watch the episode.  When I was older and the re-runs were aired, I realised why he enjoyed it so much!