10 Actors We Totally Forgot About From The 80’s


7. Henry Thomas.


This kid stole our hearts in the movie, E.T. the Extraterrestrial. He grew up to play several other roles in movies but most people don’t see him as the same person because he’s all grown up now.

8. Emmanuel Lewis.


This pint-sized actor hogged the screen in the TV Series Webster. He hasn’t had many roles since that famed show went off the air.

9. Jonathan Ke Quan.

He made us laugh in Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom and in The Goonies. Now, he mostly works behind the scenes as a stunt coordinator.

10. Richard Dean Anderson.

The magnificent MacGyver seemed like he could do anything.  However, since them, the roles have been few and far between but we will always remember him as this guy.